Ever wonder how and what you are being charged for when you take your car to the dealership or your local auto repair shop? Sure, we all know there is basic profit margin, cost of sales and overhead that have to be factored into the equation, but “how” are you being charged for that repair. What this question means is are you being sold a vehicle repair that is truly needed that is fairly priced, or are you being upsold on work you really don’t need to help some service writer’s weekly commision check. 

Alot of the local dealerships and local auto repair shops have this normal pricing  where the service writer AND the service technician are both on commission, and you the consumer really don’t know what you are ”really” are being charged for, the “repair” or the “add on or upsale”. To many times people are being sold services they don’t really need to do just so the service writers can meet their quotas more so towards the end of the month, they get away with this practice by  ”recommending”  the service or using some kind of  “fear”  marketing like ” well your motor will blow up if you don’t do this service” or ” your brakes may not work if you don’t do the work”.

Here at Bernard’s Garage in downtown Milwaukie, our service writers are all on a fixed salary compensation plan, they get paid the same if they sell or dont sell any work. Their salaried position’s allow them to focus on the customers needs, the shop’s performance and not their paychecks, meaning when your vehicle is brought in for service or repair, it is evaluated by the service technician, the repair order gets turned into the service writer who then decides what the best plan for the repair will be without under selling or over selling the job.  We write a full estimate for repairs that are needed to correct the original problem, then if there are any other items that need addressed, we write those repairs up on a safety and priority order basis meaning what you need to have serviced next and what you can wait on. You can rest assured at Bernard’s Garage that we will never over sell a repair to boost the compensation factor of the staff. Here at Bernard’s Garage, we preach “maintenance is a good investment” do it right, do it once where we offer options for repairs.