Automotive Air Conditioning & Heating System

In today’s car we push a button or slide a lever to experience comfort in our automobile that is often better than our work or home.  With dual climate zones, heated seats and multiple air vents all passengers riding through the Pacific Northwest experience a comfortable ride, until something goes wrong with the system.

Standard a/c diagnosis starts with an extensive visual inspection, looking at all the hoses, hose connection’s and fittings, the external condition of the various a/c components, compressor, receiver drier, condenser, pressure valves, switches and of course the wiring and electrical connections that run the system.

The vehicle will then be hooked up to a recovery machine that will  pressure up and vacuum down the entire a/c system to accurately check for leaks inside and outside as well as measuring the amount of freon that is or is not in the system.

The heating portion consists of a similar diagnosis with a visual inspection of the belts, hoses, radiator, water pump, fluid condition. The heating and cooling systems also require a complete pressure and vacuum test as well.

Upon inspection and testing, an accurate repair or maintenance estimate can be generated to allow the customer to make a well informed decision.