DEQ Information

DEQ testing is mandatory for the Portland Metro area.

Portland-Metro area stations are closed on Mondays and open late on Wednesdays.  Tuesday is generally the busiest day of the week for Portland-Metro area Vehicle Inspection Stations. Lines are often shorter on Thursdays and Fridays and mid-month.

List of DEQ Testing Stations

Did your vehicle fail its’ DEQ Test?

Bernard’s Garage is a DEQ Certified Auto Maintenance Shop serving the entire Portland Metro Area.  Conveniently located in the heart of Milwaukie.

Full Service and we go that EXTRA mile!  After running the diagnostic test, we provide a complete estimate for the repairs and guarantee the vehicle will pass DEQ.  In some cases, the DEQ inspection can performed immediately after making the repairs.  In these cases, Bernard’s will drive your vehicle to DEQ and get it tested for you.  There is no extra cost for this personal service.

While having your vehicle tested for DEQ at Bernard’s Garage, we always factor in the age of the vehicle, the miles on it as well as the overall condition of the vehicle to come up with the most economical repair cost available to you. If the vehicle repairs outway the value of the vehicle, there are specific DEQ guidelines that can be followed for exemption’s. (See DEQ website for more info)

A lot of your local parts supply stores are offering “free” DEQ check engine light scans. While these are important codes to retrieve and help determine what system has failed, it does not always guide the parts supplier to the complete or correct repair needed for the vehicle. All the “code” tells you is what system to start looking at, then the comprehensive pinpoint test begins.

Bernard’s Garage has been DEQ certified for many years and have a 100% success rate for complete repairs.

DEQ Diagnostics $91.00