Saturn Snow Traction Device

This year is predicted to be a COLD winter with lots of snow and ice!  Planning a head will save you lots of time and money.  Bernard’s Garage has cold weather tire solutions for just about any vehicle and driving circumstance.  Now is the time to decide if you will use:

  • Studded Snow Tires
  • Studless Snow Tires
  • Tire Chains / Traction Device

Correct sizing is critical to prevent damage to the vehicle.  Tire size and wheel well spacing varies from one car to another.  In the State of Oregon, if your vehicle does not have studded tires, then you are required to carry snow chains or a traction device.  For example, Saturns have a plastic traction device that bolts to the outside of the wheel.

Tire Chains

Diamond tire chains pattern insures a comfortable ride with less vibration and  noise. Maximum traction with minimal brake distance and skidding. Alloy D-Links for extended life and traction.  Recommended for ABS and traction control systems.  Very easy, simple installation without the need to jack up, or move the car.

A good set of diamond chains run about $130 and are not returnable.

For some cars, the extra diameter of the chains is too great for the allowed space in the wheel well.  For that reason, diamond chains may not fit your vehicle.  You may need to use a cable chain or special made traction device (like the Saturn Device above.

Cable tire chains – The two primary materials used for winter traction devices are steel links and steel aircraft cable surrounded by steel rollers. Cable chains represent the latest evolution in winter traction devices. Lower-profile than link chains, cables fit more applications and offer a smoother ride. Because they’re lighter than links, cables are often easier to install, remove and store. Some even come packaged with rubber tighteners that eliminate having to stop and retighten the chains.

Cable tire chains are less expensive that Diamond chains, in the $60 price range.  While they are not as durable as the other snow chain options, they do meet the Oregon State snow chain requirement.  Installation of cable chains is critical!  Incorrect installation can cause serious damage to your fenders or drivetrain.

Bernard’s Garage Snow Tire University

OK, so it isn’t really a school, but if you buy snow chains from Bernard’s, we’ll teach you how to install them correctly.  We also have a snow tire installation kit available for $15.  The kit includes a piece of heavy carpet (to kneel on), a flashlight and a pair of waterproof gloves.