Complete Auto Repair Center

Bernard’s Garage is a complete repair center for all foreign and domestic cars and trucks. We have been providing quality auto and truck repair and service to Milwaukie and Portland area since 1925. We have over 80 years of quality award winning auto repair experience and can handle all of your automotive needs. From oil changes, alignments, and tune ups to diagnosing causes for the Check Engine, Emissions, ABS/Brake, Transmission, and Service warning lights.

Certified Auto Mechanics

We are a AAA approved auto service center, all our mechanics are ASE certified. We carry the most modern and up to date diagnostic equipment to meet the challenging needs of servicing and repairing toady’s cars and trucks.

DEQ Service

Certified DEQ Maintenance Shop – We Guarantee your vehicle will pass the first time.

DEQ Service

Brakes and Suspension

Are your brakes making noises or feel spongy?  When you stop, does you car continue to rock?

Brakes & Suspension Service

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

At Bernard’s Garage, we offer free pick-up and delivery service for all business fleet accounts.

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Auto Shop & Diagnostics

Almost all cars on the road today have computers in them that control everything from emissions, fuel consumption, performance, suspension, braking, safety, and even the climate control. In order to properly diagnose problems in these systems a repair shop must carry the proper electronic diagnostic tools.

The next time you see the Check Engine, Emissions, ABS/Brake, Transmission, or Service light lit up on your dashboard give us a call we have the proper equipment and the properly trained technicians to quickly diagnose your problem and get you on your way.

Environmentally Friendly Shop


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The Eco-logical seal on our site is your sign that we are doing our best to protect the environment as well as your vehicle. We use non toxic cleaners and solvents whenever possible. We also maximize the use of cleaners and fluids before they are recycled. This reduces air and water pollution and is safer for our employees and for you our customers.